Have you looked at your website on your phone? You may be surprised!

We know how it goes…your website has been up and running for a while and business (and life) has been keeping you super busy.

Looking back, designing your website was a time-consuming project and when it finally got launched it probably felt like a huge relief! Often, for many of our clients, time goes by and any website changes have been made on a desktop computer where everything looks good.

Fast forward to today. Have you looked at your website on your phone lately? A large portion of your clients definitely have! And what they’re seeing may not be very pretty.

In 2018, 52.2% of customers visit websites on their mobile device. As you can see in the graph below, over the last 8 years there has been tremendous growth in mobile website usage.

If your mobile site does not look good, users will leave quickly. 

Recently, this happened to our new client, The Marketplace at Callingwood. While their website looked fine on a computer, they were unaware of how terrible it looked on a smartphone! Worried that they may be losing customers, they came to us right away to help get them back on track.

News from Google

On top of all this, Google recently announced it will be using mobile-first indexing. Basically, what this means is Google looks first at the mobile version of your website to index and rank your site. If your site is not designed for mobile devices, it will show up lower on the search list when people are looking for your products or services.

If you’re like most businesses, you definitely want to make sure that people are finding your website when searching online for products or services you offer. Most businesses are not okay with being found on page 3, 4, 5 and beyond in Google search! So having a mobile-friendly website plays a key role in where you’ll be positioned in search engine results.

Stop reading this now and go check your website on your phone!

Does it look good and is functioning well? Super! If not, please reach out today and we’ll get you back on track! Remember, your website is your 24/7/365 workhorse for your business. We’ll make sure it’s doing the job!

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