Valard Geomatics Ltd. is a professional Land Surveying and Mapping firm specializing in linear infrastructure corridor projects such as pipelines, roads, rail line and power line survey projects across Canada. They make really detailed maps of very remote areas.

As a rapidly growing company, they identified a need for a web presence to attract new business and recruit team members. Valard Geomatics hired JGR Communications as the project lead, and they in turn brought in KLD to design and develop the website.

KLD's website design reflected Valard Geo's branding of blue and yellow, and a textured background based on the geographic contour maps rounded out the design. Photos, both professional and taken by Valard Geo staff, brings the viewer directly to the remote areas Valard Geo surveys. A custom icon set was designed for the main services and project pages and later used again on displays.

Along with a custom Wordpress design, the website also features a job post manager to streamline job applications.