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How much does a logo design cost?

Logo Design Costs and Process

All of our logo design work at KLD is custom. We invest time developing design solutions exactly for your company and situation. We estimate each project based on the number of hours we think the work will require. 
When we develop a logo for an Edmonton small business at Kyle Loranger Design, we first start out by collecting a range of logos in your industry and reviewing them with you. Its a quick step we can do to get a sense of which styles you like, and don't like. It helps narrow down where we will start our creative work, and helps to ensure we show you creative logo concepts that are on track.
We'll then develop 4 or 6 or 8 logo concepts, and review them with you. We'll narrow down choices, and go through a few rounds of revisions to get to the final version.
Doing this work takes some time to do. We charge $130 / hr for our custom logo development work. Developing a range of concepts and going through the revisions will take on average 10 - 12 hours, or $1300 - $1560.
 When the logo is complete, we deliver it to you in standard electronic formats (EPS, JPG, PNG).

Creating an overall style for your company

If your organization will be producing a range of materials - letterhead, business cards, brochures - you will want some design tools to help your marketing materials look consistent.

Along with the logo development, look at creating an overall look for your company to keep your materials looking like they are all part of the same family. 

We can develop sample applications to show what those logos will look like when applied to a website, folder cover or pop-up display. Expect to budget an additional $2000 to develop these design concepts.

Developing Identity Guidelines or Brand Style Guide

To help communicate how your logo should be used by people in your organization, we can develop a style guide. The guide can be just a few pages, or as long as you need. 

A short identity guide will show acceptable usage of the logo, the rationale for the logo, and the official Pantone colours. A longer identity guide will also include templates for business cards, powerpoint presentations, advertising guidelines, and more.

We found Kyle Loranger Design team to be extremely professional, reliable, and supportive to work with. They have exceeded our expectations in every way.
Mark Chawa
Scorpion Containment

Frequently asked logo questions

I'm a small startup and I need a logo I can use for my business card and one page website.

If the only place your customers will see your logo is your business card and a one page website, maybe a fancy logo isn't worth the investment right now. Instead of a full logo process, we can design some good looking type for your short term needs. We can show you a variety of options, work with you to select one and get you files you can use.


If I send you a detailed sketch, does that help bring the logo development cost down?

Yes it can. If you have a clear idea of what you want, that helps narrow down the choices. We can take your sketch and develop logo ideas based on it, and show you variations.

Our business must make a good impression with our clients.

This is the scenario where KLD can make a huge impact on your business.

Maybe you need to have professional credibility because what you do is very valuable and important to your clients. Or you are promoting the business in many ways, over a variety of media. Or you are in a crowded marketplace where having a distinct and unique logo will lift you above your competitors.

These are the scenarios when your company should invest in a quality logo that will work in many situations, last for years, and build your reputation in the community.

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